Is Cabo San Lucas Safe for Tourists

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe for Tourists?

Are you wondering, “Is Cabo San Lucas safe right now?” You can find all the information you need about safely traveling to Cabo right here.

Cabo San Lucas, home of El Arco, is a great Mexican beach town for many reasons. It's easy to find your way around and it's generally safe for tourists. You can also tailor your trip to suit your travel style and budget. There are many great Cabo excursions and tours to choose from.

The most difficult part of your trip is deciding what to do with your day. This article will provide all the information you need for a safe and memorable Cabo vacation.

Now let's dive in!

How safe is Cabo San Lucas?

Crime is still a concern in Cabo and elsewhere in Mexico, though people in the Mexican tourism industry are confident that the country is safe for vacationers and travelers.

They stress that regardless of what you may have read in the headlines, incidents in Mexico involving tourists are extremely few and far between.

“Stuff can happen in tourist destinations in Mexico,” adds Rich Biswell, marketing director for Journey Mexico, a Mexico-based tour operator specializing in experiential trips and tours, “but when it does, tourists generally aren’t involved.”

Just to be on the safe side, you should do your touristy wandering during the day, watch out for pickpockets and scams, and choose your transportation carefully.

Is Cabo Safe for Solo Travelers

Is Cabo San Lucas safe for solo travelers?

Most travelers will find that Cabo is safe if they use the same travel common sense as anywhere else. Mexico sees thousands of solo travelers each year. And while it's safe in general, bad things can happen in Cabo if you are careless. Cabo is safe if you remain aware of yourself and your surroundings.

“Millions of Americans go to Mexico on vacation every year, so if we play the numbers game, the number of incidents is very small. When I’m asked if Mexico is a safe place to go travel on vacation, my response is yes.”

— Carlos Barren, 25-year FBI veteran (source: Forbes)

Is Cabo safe at night?

Yes, Cabo is generally safe at night. Although, safety can be affected by alcohol use. Be careful not to drink excessively and don't accept drinks from strangers. You should also take a taxi to return to your hotel, rather than walking. Getting lost in any city you are unfamiliar with is a bad thing.

Cabo San Lucas travel warnings

As one of Mexico's top tourist destinations, Cabo San Lucas is safe, but it also has the same petty crimes that are common in major tourist destinations like London, Paris, and Rome. These include pickpocketing and cell phone theft as well as purse snatching.

Although this is subject to change, Cabo and Baja California Sur State are usually considered Level 2. Other Level 2 destinations include Italy, the UK, and Belize. Ask yourself this question: Would you be afraid to travel to Italy?

You will need to be cautious in Cabo, but not too much. Head here to check if there are any current Cabo travel warnings from the U.S. State Department.

Travel restrictions for Cabo

Right now, there are no restrictions on traveling to Cabo. The U.S. has officially opened all border crossings between Mexico and the U.S. in November 2021.

Please review the CDC recommendations before you plan international travel to Cabo, Mexico, or any other destination in Mexico. This includes both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers traveling to Mexico during Covid-19.

crime in cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas Crime

Mexico City and other large cities have the worst reputations for crime and criminal activity. And while Cabo San Lucas is far safer than those large cities, there is certainly crime in Cabo (and all Mexican tourist towns).

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (or OSAC) is a great resource for Mexico Crime and Safety Reports. You will find current articles on crime in Cabo as well as Mexico travel warnings.

Although the Los Cabos region was ranked the least secure in the country in 2020 according to the statistic, it covers a large area of which Cabo San Lucas is only one. Chicago, the United States' least-safest city, is a good example. However, it does have many safe areas.

Areas in Cabo to avoid: Los Cabos Municipality

Cabo San Lucas can be found in the Municipality of Los Cabos Mexico. This municipality is not known for being the safest, due to cartel violence. And although this crime does not involve tourists, visitors and those living in Cabo can still be affected.

I definitely don't recommend that you just “stay at the resort”. I do, however, suggest avoiding areas with a bad reputation. If you want to explore Cabo outside the tourist areas, try taking a day trip to San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos, or La Paz.

getting around cabo safely

How to get around Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is easy to navigate. Everything is within walking distance or a short drive. You can also walk to the hotels near Amelia Wilkes Square (Cabo Main Square) or the Cabo Marina.

Is Uber available in Cabo San Lucas?

In short, yes. Uber is technically legal in Cabo. However, some people choose not to use it. Uber and the taxi union have had a history of fighting, so most locals avoid Uber. You can choose to use Uber during your trip to Cabo San Lucas, but Uber is not allowed to pick you up from airports.

Is Lyft available in Cabo San Lucas?

No, Lyft is not currently available in Mexico.

Are taxis safe in Cabo San Lucas?

Yes, taxis are safe for most visitors and locals. To pay, you will need to have some pesos on you instead of dollars. Keep small bills handy for taxi drivers who hate changing and sometimes won't give change. Remember to tip at the standard tipping rate in Mexico of 15-20%

Coronavirus in Cabo Santa Lucas

Many tourists are asking, "How is Mexico's Covid situation right now?" The Mexican government uses a four-tier traffic map called Semaforo Epidemiologico to inform the public about each state's Covid numbers.

It works in a similar way to a traffic light. There are four colors. The colors are red (maximum restrictions in place), orange, yellow, and green (no restrictions). This map is updated approximately every two weeks.

Covid in Cabo

To determine whether Cabo San Lucas is safe during Coronavirus, check the traffic light color

Do I need a negative covid test to visit Cabo San Lucas?

It is not necessary to pass a Coronavirus test in order to enter Mexico. You must fill out this Health Declaration form and scan it upon arrival. You will find information at the airport about where to go.

Do I need a negative Covid test to return to the US?

Yes. You must have a negative Covid to be allowed to return to the U.S. after you leave another country. You must have the negative test results within three days of your flight. Your Covid-19 test results may be available up to 72 hours prior to your flight.

Do I need to wear a mask when I go to Cabo San Lucas

Yes, you are legally required to wear masks in Cabo. This applies to your hotel lobby, the Cabo Marina, your taxi, and anywhere else you aren't eating, drinking, or swimming.

Baja California Sur State passed a mandatory mask requirement in mid-2021. If you are caught without your mask on in public, Cabo police may fine you up to $9,000 Mexican Pesos or approximately $450 USD.

Is it safe to rent a car in Cabo?

Yes, most travelers can drive safely in Cabo San Lucas or the Baja Peninsula. It is popular for RV retirees and road trips. Renting a car in this part of Mexico is also a common option. It is worth noting that most Mexicans will tell you that it is best to avoid driving at night.

Is Cabo San Lucas safe for expats?

Cabo is considered one of the best places to buy property in Mexico. It attracts many expats because of its beautiful beaches, incredible snorkeling, diving, and amazing sun, as well as the authentic Mexican restaurants. Cabo can be relatively safe for tourists and expats alike. You will find current information on the Cabo Expats Facebook page.

Cabo safety tips

10 Quick Cabo San Lucas Safety Tips

1. Get travel insurance. We can learn a lot from 2020 about how life and travel plans can change quickly. Travel insurance is essential for all of the unexpected events that can occur while traveling. Travel insurance will cover everything, from cancellations to lost luggage to getting sick.

World Nomads is a top-rated travel insurance company. The basic plans are $5-10 per day and include everything I have just mentioned.

2. Get a Mexico SIM Card. You can check in with your loved ones back home, use social media to make travel plans, access Google Translate and Google Maps, and more.

3. Group tours are a great option! These group tours are a great way for people to get to know each other and to have fun.

4. You can leave your valuables at home so that they are right there for you when you return. Cabo is an excellent place to go on a beach vacation. However, sun + fun + Margaritas can lead to lost items. Designer clothes and sunglasses can attract the wrong kind of attention.

5. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your intuition and listen when it tells you no about a person or place. You should get out of a situation where someone is giving your the creeps. Don't be afraid to make a polite exit.

6. Have a plan for the night. You don't need to be back at your Cabo hotel by dark. However, you should have a plan for how you will get there at the end of the night. You can wait in a busy, well-lit area, such as a storefront or restaurant lobby, to catch your ride.

7. Keep your private information to yourself. You don't have to answer every question someone asks. Although most people are sincere and want to help others, it doesn't mean you have to tell strangers where you're staying or your entire Cabo itinerary just because they ask.

8. Even if the stranger seems nice, never accept a drink. You should never leave your drink alone with strangers. These are the most important things to do in Cabo San Lucas. These are just a few of the things you should be doing.

9. You can keep some cash in your pocket or in a small pocket of your bag or purse so that you don't need to open your wallet every time you want to buy something. You need somewhere to stash a little money. This bra pocket is great, as well as this money belt that has a hidden compartment.

10. Ask the locals for their advice. Locals know their area better than anyone else. If you are unsure about whether a Cabo activity is safe, talk to a neighbor, bartender, or server at the coffee shop and ask them for their opinion.

Final Thoughts: Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

Are you still unsure if Cabo is safe for travel?

Yes and No. I say yes and no because safety isn't a guarantee anywhere (even in your own backyard or home). Your chances of a safe Cabo vacation are good as long as you use common sense and make safety a priority.

Cabo is safe for most travelers who use good "travel commonsense". It's not that bad things do not happen in Cabo. However, if you remain aware of yourself and your surroundings, you’ll have an amazing trip to Cabo, just like millions do each and every year.

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