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North of Cabo San Lucas is El Pescadero. It is located near Todos Santos. El Pescadero offers visitors a unique Mexican experience. This town has everything you need, from shopping and fishing to tasty street food and small eateries. It is also close to resorts and master-planned communities.

Year after year, economic indicators show that El Pescadero is experiencing a rapid rise in real estate values. This little oasis in the middle of the city is a good investment because the market is solid and many improvements and development are happening.

In April 2022, the median home for sale in Pescadero was listed at $945K. This trend is down by -50.3% over the past year. The median home listing price per square foot was $831. Pescadero was a balanced market in April 2022. This means that there is roughly the same supply and demand for homes.

El Pescadero offers great value and is in a great area. There's no better time than now to purchase a home in Mexico, lot, or commercial property.

Beaches near El Pescadero

Cerritos Beach is a crescent-shaped stretch of pristine Mexican beaches outside El Pescadero. Cerritos Beach is known for its great surfing waves and location in the Pacific Ocean. Cerritos is a tranquil spot that excels in the golfing and fishing areas. Cerritos Beach is the only safe beach on the Pacific side of the southern Baja Peninsula.

This beautiful beach is a great choice for families. It has white sand, beautiful water, and lots of activities year-round. Horseback riding, kayaking, and renting jet skis are just a few available activities.

Festivals in the Local Area

El Pescadero holds the Chili and Strawberry Festival every March. This festival celebrates and promotes local agriculture. During the festival, local organic produce and plants are available for sale. Local vendors also have agricultural products and tools for the trade on display. The festival ends with a dance and the crowning of the queen.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos offers a tranquil retreat where you can slow down and take in the beauty around you. It's also a refuge for outdoor adventure seekers. Enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of Todos Santos by dining at a top restaurant and taking a break. You can also explore the unspoiled beaches and take a thrilling hike, kayak, snorkel, or scuba-dive to go fishing. There are no limits to what you can do!

A brief history of Todos Santos

In 1723, Father Jaime Bravo founded the southern-Baja locale Nuestra Senora Del Pilar de la Paz. It eventually grew into a mission named Santa Rosa de Todos Santos in honor of its benefactor, Dona Rosa de la Pena. 

After it was granted mission status, the La Paz population was moved there. The mission was abandoned in 1749 and the town was renamed Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Todos Santos.

Pescadero has many places to see

1. Playa Cerritos

Cerritos Beach, located between Cabo & Todos Santos, is less touristy than Cabo but still a hidden treasure. It has great waves for surfing and safe surf for swimming. This beach is one of the few in the area where there's no rip tide, and it's safer to swim. Surfers from all walks of the globe enjoy this laid-back, low-key vibe.

Cerritos Beach Club is a restaurant on the beach. You can rent chairs and umbrellas, wash off your sand, and order a margarita or mojito. The nearby town of Todos Santos was named a Mexican Pueblo Magico because of its charm and the presence of many local artists who can be found selling their work on the beach.

Cabo's spring break crowd is still not familiar with Cabo. Now is the time to get on the boat and explore Cabo before it's "discovered".

2. Harley Farms

Harley Farms invites you to visit their farm and say hello to their donkeys and goats. You can also enjoy a picnic by the pond or browse their farm shop to find some local products.

You can book a private tour through Harley Farms if you wish to meet the baby goats.

They sell homemade goat cheeses, farm honey jams, vinegar, and a variety of natural body and bath products made from goat milk.

Wildflower Monet, their 2012 award-winning goat cheddar cheese, is worth the effort. It is stunning. You can sprinkle edible flowers on top of the whipped goat cheese.

3. Pescadero Winery

A 6-course wine tasting will be paired with Harley Farm's award-winning goat cheese at Sante Arcangeli Winery. At Harley Farms, the wine tasting is held in a rustic barn. You can choose to sit in the open barn or loft or on one of their outdoor picnic tables.

Sante Arcangeli's winemaker and the owner have a passion for Pinots. These wines are easy to drink and light. They are located just an hour from Pescadero, in the Santa Cruz Mountains Corralitos area.

They are fresh and creamy, with a favorite being the Fromage Blanc. To enhance the flavor, the goat cheese is paired up with a different wine during the tasting. A sampler included honey from the farm as well as chili salted caramels, which were perfectly paired with the red wine.

After cuddling some baby goats from Harley Farms, head on over to Sante Archangeli for delicious wine and delicious cheese!

4. Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, a historical landmark in California, is a must-see and top thing to do when visiting Pescadero. It was constructed in 1872 to guide ships along the San Mateo coast's rocky reefs.

The light station is perched on top of a cliff along the beautiful Pacific coast. Keep your eyes open for whales and other marine wildlife while on the watch deck. Pigeon Point is home to the most common sightings of gray whales and humpbacks.

You can also explore the Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park. Here you will find boardwalks and paths that lead to the lighthouse and surrounding bluffs. Visit the historic fog signal building for more information about Pigeon Point's history and to see the original Fresnel lens.

Stay the night at Pigeon Point Lighthouse for spectacular oceanfront views.

The HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel has three vacation rentals that can sleep up to fifteen people. You can either book the whole vacation rental for a large group or just one room.

The Lighthouse Hostel's outdoor hot tub offers breathtaking ocean views. The hot tub is located at the edge of the bluff and offers panoramic views of the Pacific. It is only permitted to be used by guests and is located in a private area away from other visitors to the lighthouse.

5. Bean Hollow State Beach

Bean Hollow State Beach is located along Highway 1, just a short distance from Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Bean Hollow is made up of two beaches that are connected by a 1-mile hiking trail.

This cove is covered in multicolored pebbles. It's a bit different from California's usual white sandy beaches. You can visit the tide pools at low tide to search for sea anemones, sea urchins, and starfish.

The southern beach of Bean Hollow is also known as Arroyo De Los Frijoles Beach. It has a sandy beach with rusty brown color. This cove is surrounded by large, smooth rocks. There will be plenty of room to spread out a blanket and read a book while you enjoy the warmth of the sun.

A short hike trail leads up to the bluffs from the left side of the beach. You will enjoy a birds-eye view of the coastline and beach once you reach the top.

Follow the narrow trail to the bluff and descend to the flat area of rocks. Admire the honeycomb rocks surrounding you and the crashing waves that rush between the narrow passageways made of weathered stone.

Bean Hollow State Beach, which is dog-friendly in Pescadero, is the only one. You can bring your dog along to California's coast by visiting Half Moon Bay or Pacifica, which have stunning dog-friendly beaches.

6. Other beaches to visit in Pescadero

You will find several beaches along the San Mateo coast, Pescadero. Most beaches are very similar. Bean Hollow State Beach was our favorite, with its pebble beach & bluff trail.

Take a picnic to relax at one of the beautiful State Beaches of Pescadero

7. Stroll along Downtown Pescadero

Pescadero's downtown is charming. Everything you need is located on Stage Road, the main street. This bustling street is lined by small shops, restaurants, antiques, and a market.

Stop by one of the many shops in your area. Luna Sea is an art gallery that showcases handcrafted artisan work in an old Victorian house. Slow Coast is a small shop that sells locally-sourced products, from clothing to jewelry.

8. Pescadero Coffee

Downtown Local is the perfect place to grab a quick pick-me-up after a long day exploring Pescadero. This is the best spot for Sightglass coffee.

While you wait to get your cup of joe, take a stroll around the area and stop by this unique coffee shop. The Downtown Local coffee shop is covered in vintage items and many of them are available for purchase. There are many interesting and unique finds there, including vintage vinyl, books, magazines about automobilia, toys, and other items.

9. The Famous Duartes

Duartes Tavern is the most common place to find a good meal in Pescadero. Duartes has been a part of Pescadero's history since 1894.

The local tavern, which is fourth-generation family-owned, is full of history and traditions. Their cream of artichoke soup is well-known, as well as their olallieberry pie.

We had to try Duarte's food to find out if it lived up to the hype. We ordered the chilled artichoke appetizer and the artichoke soup. Also, snapper and chips.

10. Half Moon Bay

The executive lifestyle is served by both residential development and tourism development. The median home costs $850,000, with the majority of new and renovated homes priced between $900,000 and $1,500,000.

Pescadero can be found 14 miles south of Half Moon Bay. It could easily be included in your trip to Pescadero.

Half Moon Bay, a beautiful area along the northern California coast, is also well-known for its small-town charm and picturesque views.

Sams Chowder House is an oceanfront restaurant in Half Moon Bay that serves delicious lobster rolls and fresh seafood.

Weather in Pescadero

Pescadero's weather is pleasant throughout the year, which is one of my favorite things about California. You can plan your trip to Pescadero with an average of 260 sunshine days per year and you can expect warm and mild weather. The average temperature in Pescadero is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Layers are a must when visiting California's coast. While the days can be warm, the nights can get quite cold.

The Final Word

There are many amazing things to do in Pescadero, which is something that almost everyone would love. You won't regret bringing your family here to visit, or looking into purchasing a home.


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