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Why Live In Cabo San Lucas?

Plenty of Sunshine

Located in Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas boasts that out of 365 days, 320 of those days are sunny and warm.  The coolest month for Cabo San Lucas residents is reported as of September. Even the coolest of temperatures of 45 days, give or take a few, are perfect in one of Mexico’s oldest, and was for a long time only known to a select few.

The History of Cabo San Lucas

It is told that the first lucky inhabitant of Cabo, was a shipwreck survivor, who told stories back home of an inhabited island with the promise of jewels and gold.  As soon as the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortez heard of this, he took three ships with approximately 600 shipmates and headed out to see for himself in 1535.

Cortez did not find the riches he expected, and no Amazons that he was told of, only the original residents who were Pericu nomadic hunters, who fished and lived a simple life.   It soon came to pass, that this region, under the direction of Franciso de Ulloa, established the present day settlement, Cabo San Lucas, in 1537.

Resort City to Permanent Residence

Cabo San Lucas real estate was once considered a tucked away resort area of Mexico.  Now, not only is it one of Mexico’s top 5 vacation destinations, but many tourists have loved their stays enough to call it home. Whether you decide to rent long term, short term or buy a home in Cabo, there is a variety of things to enjoy owning a home in Mexico.

There are many condominiums for sale in Cabo offered for rental or purchase, as well as homes and timeshares. Cabo is a casual, yet classy affordable, stunning location to live that is still affordable.  Just a short cab ride away from San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas is considered one of the premier coastal properties in the world.

Cabo’s World Famous Nightlife

Cabo San Lucas started as a small fishing village and grew into a thriving resort part of Mexico that even the rich & famous invested in.  If you speak of nightlife in Cabo, you cannot leave out the Cabo Wabo experience.  In the early 1980s when Sammy Hagar visited the sleepy town, he fell in love with it.  By the 1990s, Hagar worked with a local and opened the World-Famous Cabo Wabo in 1992.

His vision was great food, live music, and a laid-back party atmosphere.  He succeeded, a few changes were made, including the introduction of a top chef and moving the restaurant upstairs. Now, it is a regular for locals who enjoy the best food The Cabo Wabo has ever offered.  Tourists come to sit on the same barstools, that the famous rockers’ whose photos line the walls, sat on. There are now no shortage of nightclubs and high-end restaurants to choose from in Cabo San Lucas.

Baja California Real Estate

There are many Cabo San Lucas homes for sale currently available. With beachfront condos as well as investment vacation properties and traditional single family homes for sale, Cabo San Lucas offers something for everyone.   As for recreation, water sports, including snorkeling and fishing are a big draw to the region.  The sportsman can enjoy year-round charter fishing, as well as the world-famous Marlin Tournament each October.

Snorkeling, thru pristine seas offering views of fish and sea life so colorful, it appears almost unreal. In the winter, pods of whales come from as far as Alaska to birth their calves in the warm waters of the area.  Many natural rock formations and beaches drive the sightseers to Cabo San Lucas year after year.

The locals will always direct the first-time visitors to what they refer to as simply “El Arco”. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas.  It is a magical rock formation that was formed at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. Lover’s Beach is secluded, and newlyweds from around the globe will flock here for the experience.

Condominiums can be a great way to affordably purchase luxury real estate at a lower price point.

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