Migrino, a peaceful coastal village, is nestled between the wild coastline and the desert landscapes in Baja California Sur. Adventure-seeking tourists flock to the beach to see the natural beauty on guided ATV or horseback tours. Migrino is a great place to swim and enjoy the warm waters, as well as watch migrating whales.

The main attraction of the village is the long, deserted Migrino Beach. You can ride a quad bike or dune buggy along the soft sand and through the shadows of high canyons. You can also splash on the beach and feel the breeze blowing over you from your horseback. Make sure to have your camera handy in case you need to capture memorable photos of unusual rock formations.

Whale watching is popular as these gentle mammals cruise by the shoreline in the winter. Surfing the waves and fishing for various roosterfish or snappers are some of the more difficult water sports.

The town and its environs are home to desert wildlife. You will likely see roadrunners and desert foxes in the area. Gray whales can be seen cresting at a distance of just a few hundred yards from the shoreline between January and March. This marks the beginning of the whales' 10,000-mile (16,093-kilometer) roundtrip journey between Mexico and Alaska.

When there is a large swell, surfers will descend on the beach. This can create waves up to 10 feet (3 m) high. This is especially popular in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, where the waves are smaller. It is also a good spot to watch the sunset. You can arrive late in the afternoon and find a quiet spot on the beach to wait for the sun's rays to set into the Pacific Ocean.

There are many beautiful homes on the beachfront to choose from, whether you're looking for a property to rent or a place to call home. Migrino is located 30 minutes from Cabo San Lucas and 40 minutes to San Jose del Cabo by car.


Medano Beach

Medano Beach is home to many bars, cafes, and luxury resorts. It is one of Cabo San Lucas' most lively strands. You'll find many watersports opportunities and restaurants that serve the region's best seafood dishes. Enjoy the lively and fun atmosphere of this stretch of sand with other vacationers.

Jet Skis and kayaks can be rented to enjoy the Gulf of California's waves. Stand-up paddleboarding on boards can be arranged by tour operators at the beach. Parasailing is a thrilling way to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the air.

The vendors on the beach will sell souvenirs such as jewelry, shirts, and hats. You can read a book under a palm tree while your family members swim in the warm, clear water. Enjoy a refreshing ice cream while you enjoy the beautiful sunset.

One of the thatched-roofed restaurants offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and a delicious meal. Here, you can enjoy traditional Mexican or American cuisine. You can have a beer by the bucketful at the cantinas party. You can try craft beer at one of the trendy bars that offers rooftop views of the ocean.

You can stay in one of the elegant hotels located at the end of the strand, which has swimming pools and other amenities. The Puerto Paraiso Mall is located between the marina and the beach. It offers a cinema, a variety of dining options and shopping opportunities.

Beach access is always free, but it is especially busy during weekends and spring break when many schools are on vacation.

Medano beach is located on the northern end of Cabo San Lucas Marina, in the middle of the town. Continue north to reach Playa las Viudas. Other nearby attractions include Playa Empacadora and Divorce Beach.

Marina Cabo San Lucas

This harbor is a great place to enjoy luxury yachting, sport fishing, and world-class courses of golf.

Marina Cabo San Lucas is known for its fine dining, sport fishing, and luxury yachting services. The marina is conveniently located in a protected bay, close to many major yachting routes. The marina has all the amenities you need to enjoy your vacation aboard your yacht if you dock it here. You can also visit the harbor's attractions while you are in Los Cabos or after your boat trip.

You can enjoy whale watching, snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving from the marina. Enjoy a sunset stroll along miles of glistening shores and stop by El Arco, the striking rock formation at Land's End.

Sport fishing is a major draw card to the marina. You can catch a marlin in the Sea of Cortez, which boasts some of the best fishing anywhere. There are also wahoos, yellowfin tunas, snappers, snappers, sharks, swordfish, sailfish and dorado in the area. Charters are available for everyone, whether you're a novice or a professional sports fisherman.

You can also enjoy some attractions on land after a boat ride. The Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall offers high-end boutiques as well as duty-free shops. Enjoy a movie at the cinema or tenpin bowling with your family. You can also take the children to the Cabo Dolphins Experience or the arcade. You can tee it off at a top-class golf course if you're a pro golfer.

You can end your day with a delicious meal at one of the marina restaurants and a cocktail on the floating bar while you watch the moon rise over the water.

Marina Cabo San Lucas can be found at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the main harbor of Cabo San Lucas. You will need to bring your car if you plan on arriving by car. Street parking is not permitted and tended parking lots are subject to a fee.

ATV Tours at Migrino Beach

Our ATV vehicles are a blast to ride on the Migrino beach. You can choose to ride single or in tandem and feel the adrenaline rush as you race through the desert and arroyo of Migrino. Cabo's best ATV Tours.

This thrilling ATV Beach Tour will take you to the stunning desert and ocean views. These machines are great for novices and pros alike.

Semi-automatic ATVs are available. You will be shown how to use them at the beginning of the tour. You can ride your ATV single- or double.

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a water stop where you can learn more about the fauna and flora of the area. You will be racing down the arroyos, dunes, and best beaches of the area as you open the throttle.

During your Cabo ATV tour, you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the desert and ocean. You may be able to spot a few whales breaching in the ocean if you are lucky.

Lover's Beach

Take a cruise to Playa del Amor, one of the most romantic beaches in Los Cabos. This is where El Arco rises from the sea. You can spend several hours relaxing on the golden sand beach. Because it is private and quiet, Lover's Beach is the ideal spot for a stroll with your loved one or just a day of fun.

Come to Playa del Amor to unwind. It is a peaceful place due to the lack of traffic and development along the oceanfront. Local vendors rent beach umbrellas and sell snacks on busy days. However, there aren't any facilities at the beach. You can cool off by jumping in, or you can grab your snorkel, fins, and mask and jump in from the shore. You can enjoy the amazing marine ecosystem of the bay while exploring the warm, clear water of the Sea of Cortez side of the beach.

You won't want to miss this opportunity to capture El Arco in photos. The striking limestone rock formation is a gateway to the ocean. The rock was eroded over millions of years by waves and rough winds.

Whales can be seen in the bay between December and March. Baby whales can spend their first few weeks in the safe waters of Los Cabos.

Playa del Amor can be found at the Baja California Peninsula's tip. To get there, rent a water taxi at Medano Beach Marina or Cabo San Lucas Marina and arrange the return journey.

Book a glass-bottom boat cruise if you want to see the coral reefs as you travel. You can also rent a kayak to explore the shore at your own pace. It is important to note that currents can be strong so it is not recommended that you swim on the Pacific Ocean side.

Horseback Ride in Migrino

Los Cabos Horseback Rides in Migrino take you on a wonderful journey through the beautiful landscapes of Baja California. Enjoy a Cabo horseback ride along the beach with knowledgeable guides and beautiful horses, and let your wild side out!

Los Cabos horseback riding is like a romantic scene out of a movie. Your expert guide will take you on the most memorable ride of your life to Migrino, a stretch of 10 miles of beach. You'll feel relaxed and enjoy the sounds of the waves, the ocean breeze, and the beauty of Baja California.

Keep your eyes open to the ocean from January through March. You may see a whale while riding in Cabo on horseback. This will be a memorable beach experience that you'll never forget. your horseman guide will take you up to a hilltop for postcard-worthy views and stunning photos.


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