9 Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

9 Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas beaches are the main reason why people visit this wonderful Gulf city. Of course, there are many other things to do in Cabo. But the beaches offer endless stretches, clear water, tons of amenities and great beachfront entertainment. You can enjoy the beaches for watersports, as well as swimming, surfing and other activities. In the salty air, you can enjoy fried fish along the coast. You can build sandcastles or lay on the beach to get a tan. And because the temperature during the winter in Cabo still reaches 80 degrees fahrenheit, you can enjoy the beaches year round.

You’ll find a beach in Cabo San Lucas, whether you like to surf and bodyboard or just want to soak up some sun. Here are some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Lovers Beach

Lovers Beach, a quiet cove at Land’s End’s tip, offers soft, golden sand and stunning rock formations that tower into the sky. It also has a hidden access. To reach this beach, you will need to take either a water taxi or kayak from another beach. It is less crowded because you have to arrange to reach it. The water is also calm and safe to swim in. This makes it a great beach for families. Bring your umbrella, hat and chair. There are no facilities here.

Lovers Beach is a romantic location with beautiful photo opportunities. Many people return to this beach time and time again..

2. El Medano Beach

El Medano Beach is a popular beach with visitors. It has a two-mile stretch of golden sand, dark blue water, and calm surf. There are luxury hotels and resorts along the beach. You can also find bars, restaurants and nightclubs all along the shore. Jet-skiing is a popular activity, as are boogie boards and kayaking. Sports rental shacks are located along the beach where you can rent equipment.

Water taxis are available to take you to offshore islands or other attractions. The marina is located downtown.

3. Chileno Bay Public Beach

Playa Chileno is the public beach of Chileno Bay. It’s a beautiful and calm beach, with crystal clear water, surrounded by luxury hotels and Cabo homes. The beach is safe to swim in and is also a popular snorkeling location. To keep boats away, the snorkeling and swimming zones are cordoned-off. There are plenty of amenities on the beach, such as restrooms, showers and a boardwalk. However, you won’t see many shops or amazing restaurants.

Rent an umbrella and enjoy this beach. Cabo San Lucas is only 18 minutes away.

4. Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach offers swimming, endless stretches of sand, surf and snorkeling. It also provides the chance to watch whales. It’s a quiet beach with few amenities. But it’s a great place to relax and watch the kids play. You can snorkel, build sandcastles or catch some rays. Whales aren’t always visible, but they can be seen breaching on the horizon during peak season.

This is the place to go if you want a peaceful, quiet location. Just 20 minutes from downtown.

Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas

5. Playa del Divorcio

Playa del Divorcio, aka Divorce Beach, offers a picturesque shoreline, rough surf, and endless stretches of sand. It is a great place for relaxing and taking beautiful photos. The surf is dangerous and makes the beach unsuitable for swimming. This is the place to go if you want to walk along a rugged coastline that shows off nature’s power. It’s a great place for a romantic stroll in the morning or afternoon.

The name may have been given because it is located opposite Lovers Beach, which has calmer waters. The beach is only 10 minutes south of downtown.

6. Playa Costa Azul

Playa Costa Azul, located on the Sea of Cortez, is a signature surfing spot in Los Cabos. It offers professional surfing competitions, photographs, beach bars and entertainment. Zippers Reef Break is where the top pro surfers come to test their skills during the summer. Every summer, the Los Cabos Open of Surf takes place here. It includes swimsuit contests, food, live music and endless celebrations.

Zipper’s Bar & Grill, even if you’re not competing, is a great place for drinks, food, and entertainment. About 40 minutes north of the city.

7. Playa Empacadora

Playa Empacadora, a beach with a special feature that is known for training new divers and offering excellent swimming, is one of the most unique beaches in the world. This beach is ideal for swimming with children because the gold sand provides a soft, delicate slope. Divers and snorkelers love this beach because it offers a chance to see colorful tropical marine life. This is one of the Cannery Beaches and it’s within easy walking distance of other beaches, shopping, and dining options.

The quiet, serene beach of Los Cabos has been called “the most Mexican beach in Los Cabos.” This beach is located in the center of downtown.

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8. Playa Monumentos

Playa Monumentos in Cabo San Lucas is a surfer’s heaven. It has outstanding pipes, which appeal to even the most experienced of surfers. A scenic rock formation can be seen in the distance. This is not a good beach for swimming and beginners should be cautious as there are dangers such as jagged rocks or sea urchins. This is the place to go if you enjoy scenic beaches, taking great photos and watching surfers perform their sport.

Playa Monumentos provides photos of El Arco, the famous rock formation that is in the distance and behind the surfers. Only 16 minutes from the city.

9. Playa Coral Negro

Playa Coral Negro (also known as Cannery Beach) is a little-known, underrated beach located in downtown Cabo San Lucas. It’s popular among locals. If you are exploring the area, you may find yourself on this beach, which is often used as a starting point for tours to other attractions. This beach is less popular, and therefore sees less traffic. It’s the perfect place to relax and get away from crowds.

You may also hear the name Locals Beach used. And it’s right in the heart of downtown at the Marina.

Final Thoughts

So whether you are just visiting or living in Los Cabos, there are plenty of amazing beaches for you to choose from. So grab some sunscreen and you’re loved ones and head on down. The beauty of these Cabo beaches never gets old.

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