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North Todos Santos: Should You Invest?

Todos Santos, an artsy and charming town on the Pacific about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas, is charming. Todos Santos and nearby Pescadero can be described as the antithesis of Los Cabos. Todos Santos is a fun, authentic and more casual alternative to Los Cabos.

The region has seen a steady rise in property sales and property investments over the years. Buyers are discovering that Todos Santos offers the authentic Baja lifestyle. With its small-town feel and feel of a peaceful escape, Todos Santos North truly is the perfect place to live. 

One-of-a-kind ownership options include custom single-family homes, beachfront properties, and farm sites, as well as farmland estates at different price points with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and desert.

Baja California Sur's growth has extended beyond Cabo to include areas such as Todos Santos North and Pescadero, where land and property values have increased. Are you looking to invest in a promising area such as Todos Santos? We believe that the answer is yes if you look long-term. According to the MLS statistics, Todos Santos saw its real estate sales increase by two-thirds from 2018 to 2019.

This growth is more than Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo, which both grew at around 40%. The purchase of raw land was responsible for almost half the growth in Todos Santos Santos, Cerritos, and Pescadero. The new development will change the landscapes of Todos Santos and Pescadero in the next 10 to 15 years. Real estate is still a relatively unknown part of Baja. Todos Santos is a part of this story. Buying in Todos Santos today could bring significant future property value increases.

Todos Santos 2020 has been likened to Tulum in 2005. Tulum, a small beach town located below Cancun and Playa del Carmen has seen a surge in property and tourist values over the past decade. This Pacific town, which is very similar to Todos Santos, is poised for major growth and property appreciation. There is plenty of potential for growth, but buyers should be cautious about excessive speculation.

Todos Santos is home to many projects that are being developed by Cabo's most experienced developers. For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Cabo, this Pacific city is a good choice. Todos Santos also has a number of beautiful beaches, including Agua Blanca and Cerritos beach. These beaches are great for surfing and can be quite busy at times.

Todos Santos is a small, authentic town with friendly locals and a variety of tiendas and traders. It is situated magically between the Sierra Laguna mountains and the Pacific Ocean, creating a picturesque backdrop. This town is home to a lot of historic architecture, unlike Cabo. It is easy to walk around the center, which has many cool galleries, shops, and restaurants. Mexico designated Todos Santos a Pueblo Magico in 2006. This designation is awarded to places that are off the beaten track in order to improve tourism and traffic. The towns that make it onto the list are often small and charming, with a rich cultural heritage and a history that is unique to the area.

Although Todos Santos may be a quiet beach town, any local will tell you about the rise in tourism every year. There are a lot of bed and breakfasts around Todos Santos.

The famous "Hotel California" is a major tourist attraction in the town. The hotel is always bustling with tourists and guests every time I visit Todos Santos. It is easy to walk around the town, and there are many things to do. This community comprises retired ex-pats, tourists, and surfers who want to escape Los Cabos' hectic pace and traffic. Life in Todos Santos is laid back. Pescadero Beach and Cerritos beach, both nearby, are also undergoing transformations.

Developer Portus has just broken ground on a condo project along the beachfront, which is identical to the Soleado in San Jose del Cabo. Nightly rates start at $500 per night. The Hotel San Cristobal, located just north of Todos Santos, is another fantastic property. Liz Lambert, a hotelier, found a beautiful stretch of beach just next to Punto Lobos in her latest project.

Todos Santos home values going up

The economic indicators for Todos Santos' real estate market are rapidly rising. This little oasis in the middle of the city is a good investment because the market is solid and there are many improvements and development happening.

Todos Santos has been designated a Pueblo Magico and is receiving additional federal funding from Mexico to improve roads and infrastructure. Todos Santos also built a 4-lane highway connecting Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. This allows for easier and quicker access.

The new bypass runs around the city's outskirts so that semi-trucks or cargo vans don't run through town. Todos Santos, and Pescadero, are well-positioned for receiving the excess from Los Cabos tourists seeking a laid-back alternative.

Todos Santos real estate market for 2022

The Todos Santos realty market will not slow down in 2022. It will be strong. Accordingly, the momentum of the market as it is reported for 2021 won't slow down in the near future. To be more specific, the real estate market in Baja Sur is very strong. This includes the markets in Cabo San Lucas and Loreto as well as Todos Santos and La Paz. It will only get stronger as the year progresses.

Todos Santos is an area where people want to reside. Todos Santos is also a place where people want to invest. He says that this is due to Baja Sur's popularity as a tourist spot.

Todos Santos is luxurious

The weather is unbeatable. Todos Santos offers a luxurious, affordable way of life. You don't even have to know Spanish! You'll find that the English-speaking population is able to make life easier no matter where you are in the region.

Real estate in Todos Santos is a hot investment. Be sure to purchase sooner than you think. Another option is to buy at pre-construction prices in different areas of the region. This option will most likely result in a property valued at between 20 and 30% more by the time it is delivered to your home. This is a great investment opportunity for your ROI.


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