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Located on the southern end of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has been a top ocean side destination for decades. This region is known for its sparkling blue oceans, vivid nightlife, and high-end real estate. Whether you are already proud to call Cabo your home or are just starting to think about getting property in the area, this guide will be very useful for you. Keep reading to learn all about what it is like dealing with real estate and living in Cabo.

Current Cabo Oceanfront Homes for Sale

Cabo San Lucus - Life on the ocean

Cabo San Lucas features single family properties as well as condos and townhomes.

Located on the southern end of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has been a top ocean side destination for decades. This region is known for its sparkling blue oceans, vivid nightlife, and high-end real estate. Whether you are already proud to call Cabo your home or are just starting to think about getting property in the area, this guide will be very useful for you. Keep reading to learn all about what it is like dealing with real estate and living in Cabo.


Cabo At a Glance

Before we get into all the fascinating details of the area, there are a few basic facts about the region that you should know.

  • Population: 81,111
  • Average temperatures: Year-round average of 78 Fahrenheit, with highs of 95 F and lows of 60 F.
  • Time zone: Mountain Time
  • Weather: Rainy season from June to October
  • Geography: Mainly ocean with desert and mountain zones
  • Demographics: The majority of the population is 15-59 years old, with a high number of United States and Mexican citizens.
  • Airports: The main airport for the region is the Los Cabos International Airport.


Great Reasons to Own a Cabo Home

Why are so many people interested in living in Cabo? It turns out that this area combines a lot of great lifestyle choices in a single location. When you are buying a waterfront property in Cabo, you are buying more than just a house. You are also paying for an incredible location and lifestyle. You should definitely consider moving to Cabo if living on the ocean is appealing to you.

Do You Love the Ocean?

Of course, anyone shopping for oceanfront real estate in Cabo is getting the biggest perk of living here. Cabo San Lucas is known for its crystal clear, vibrantly blue water and its fine, sparkling sand. Some of the beaches, like the Playa Monumentos, are favorites for surfers, while others like Playa El Medano are a busy center for socializing and partying. There are also more isolated beaches like Lover’s Beach and Playa Chileno known for beautiful snorkeling, offshore fishing charters and many quiet spots to relax.


You Want Affordable Oceanfront Homes

Another favorite reason people move to Cabo is the price of buying real estate. Though it is definitely more expensive than other areas along the Baja California coast, Cabo is still extremely reasonably priced. Average housing expenses for the most luxurious areas in and around Cabo San Lucas are just around $1,090 USD per month; while it is possible to go as low as $400 a month in less ritzy parts of town. This makes Cabo San Lucas far cheaper than most big cities or resort towns in other areas, so you can afford a better lifestyle on a lower budget.


You Enjoy Vibrant Mexican Culture

Cabo San Lucas has a fascinating history and local culture. It started out as a quiet fishing town that Mexico specifically developed as a place for vacationing. The entire atmosphere of the town is charmingly Hispanic without being tacky or too touristy. You can visit authentic restaurants, take salsa dancing lessons, and find handmade clothes and crafts at the market.


You Want to Experience Fun Activities

Waterfront living in Cabo San Lucas

With the ocean at your doorstep, owning a home in Cabo is continuous aqua-therapy

Cabo San Lucas is definitely a resort town, so it comes with a lot of perks for people who love getting out of the house and doing exciting things. On almost any night of the week, there is usually a fun event like live music or bar specials. Each weekend, you can expect to find local festivals, community parties, and more. Your options include everything from high-end restaurants and luxury wine bars to tiny beach shacks or charming local eateries. There is definitely always something to do in Cabo, but at the same time, it is calmer and more laid-back than big cities.


Search all Cabo San Lucas Homes for Sale 

There are all sorts of great types of property to choose from in Cabo. Most of their options fall into a few main categories.


Oceanfront Luxury Estates

The sky’s the limit if you are looking for luxury, oceanfront property in Cabo. If you have the budget, patience, and passion, you can find some truly impressive luxury properties. There are plenty of stunning oceanfront homes that include extensive landscaping, pools, guest suites, sports courts, and more. These multimillion dollar pieces of real estate are ideal for relaxing, hosting guests, and vacationing.


Oceanfront Single Family Homes

In Cabo San Lucas, single-family homes are actually less common that condos and luxury properties, but they do exist. A single-family home allows you to enjoy your own private property. They are typically set a little farther away from the heart of Cabo, so you get plenty of peace and quiet along with a nice stretch of land.


Oceanfront Townhomes

Townhomes are mostly found in the more urban parts of downtown Cabo. You can also find some master-planned townhome communities where the entire neighborhood is carefully designed to fulfill the residents’ needs.


Oceanfront Condos

Condos are a favorite for people who just want to enjoy the ambiance of Cabo in a refined setting. When you purchase a condominium, you get to sit back and let the condo board deal with things like pool maintenance, roof repairs, and landscaping. Condos are also a good option if you want a particularly desirable location since they manage to fit a high number of residents in a small footprint. There are all sorts of great oceanfront condos within walking distance of the beach, restaurants, shops, and more.

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Discover the Cabo Lifestyle

Still not sure if you think Cabo is right for you? Here are some more fascinating details about what you can expect when you live in Cabo.




As a resort town, the majority of jobs in Cabo are related to the tourist industry. A lot of people find success in running restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, activity centers, tours, bars, and shops in the area. There are all sorts of entry-level jobs in the hospitality industry, but there is also demand for more professional careers like attorneys, doctors, professors, and accountants. Thanks to the open countryside outside the town, there is also a decent amount of agriculture and livestock growth, and Cabo remains a center for commercial fishing.



If you have children or feel like you still have a little to learn yourself, Cabo does have some educational opportunities. Mexico has a public school system that requires all children between the ages of 6 and 15 to go to school. Those 16 and older can choose to get a technical degree or a standard high school diploma. Cabo public schools can be overcrowded, so some families choose international private schools like Colegio el Camino, Greengate School, or Colegio Amaranto International School instead. There are plenty of opportunities to register for college entrance exams like the SAT and GSCE A-level exams.



Cabo is actually fairly renowned for its healthcare. There are several reliable facilities like Amerimed, Baja Medical Response, and Blue Medical Net Hospital. You can easily find healthcare professionals who are licensed to practice in the United States as well as Mexico, and the majority of healthcare providers have bilingual offices. There are also plenty of reputable dental and vision specialists in the area.



In general, Cabo is considered a safe area to live. There have never been any travel warnings issued for the area, and its rates of crime are far lower than other parts of Baja like Tijuana. The numbers of violent crimes are particularly low in Cabo. Usually, the only thing people need to worry about is the minor break-ins or thefts that can be found almost anywhere.


Find Out How to Sell Your Cabo Home

Right now, the Cabo real estate market is looking very promising for sellers. There is plenty of demand for Cabo real estate as the town’s popularity continues to grow. Your home’s value has probably increased since you first purchased it. This is especially true if you’re lucky enough to own oceanfront real estate or real estate right by one of Cabo’s prestigious schools.

Finding a buyer for just about any type of Cabo property is fairly easy, but if you want to get the best price and find a buyer quickly, follow these tips for selling a home in Cabo.

  • Most buyers in a resort town prioritize trendiness, so cosmetic upgrades like new hardwood floor and granite countertops can be a big selling point.
  • Staging your home with coastal decor like wicker furniture or paintings of starfish can attract buyers by emphasizing the charming oceanside nature of the property.
  • If you are selling a condo, check with the board to see if there is anything you can do to smooth over the transition.
  • Make sure your home is painted in neutral colors that will match most decor. People looking for a vacation home do not want to spend their time repainting a property.
  • The Cabo real estate market might be an easy place for sellers, but don’t try to go it alone. An experienced Realtor will help you navigate local laws and give you more opportunities to market your property.
  • Check prices on surrounding properties to make sure you are listing the home for the right number.
  • The best time to sell is usually in late winter to early spring, since buyers want to be in their new Cabo oceanfront home by the summer.


Check Out This Buying Guide for Cabo Homes

If you’re thinking of buying a property in Cabo, follow these steps to get your dream home.

Cabo San Lucas

Talk to a Realtor

One of the very first things you should do is find one of the Realtors who specializes in Cabo homes. There are some unique laws and regulations that might make you run into problems if you are not experienced at buying in Mexico. A good Realtor will also give you access to all sorts of property listings and help you get the best deal.


Pick Your Neighborhood

There are several distinct parts of Cabo that all have their own unique charm. Todos Santos is a favorite among artists due to its boutiques, galleries, and historic sites. Pedregal Hills and the Pacific Ocean area is full of exclusive neighborhoods and beautiful cliffside oceanfront homes.

If you want to be right by all the fun beachside activities, Medano Beach neighborhood is by the cities biggest beach. Downtown is the place to live for late night fun, delicious food, and affordable living while the Corridor is an oceanside neighborhood that hosts incredible golf courses and scenic bays.


Decide on a House Type

After settling on one of the many excellent neighborhoods in Cabo, it is time to think about your dream vacation home in a little more detail. For starters, consider whether you are leaning more towards single family homes or condos. Oceanfront condos are affordable and low maintenance while single-family homes give you more opportunities for privacy and customization.


Then think about what you want out of a home. Do you want great oceanside views or an easy commute to your favorite golf course? Are your priorities getting an upgraded kitchen or having a nice lawn? There are all sorts of things to consider, including:

  • House style
  • House age
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Waterfront locations
  • Private parking


Choose Your Home and Make an Offer