Top 15 Things to do in Cabo

Top 15 Things To Do In Cabo

Whether work or the enticing thought of buying a home in San Jose del Cabo, then a trip to some of the most famous destinations in the area is a must. If your job is planning on relocating you, then spending some time in paradise can help you learn about your new neighborhood.  If you are like most people, the oceanfront real estate is a driving factor for visiting Cabo San Lucas.

1. Explore the Plaza Mijares

The center of town is home to the oldest structure in the community. The town’s mission church dates back to 1730 and gives visitors an upfront look at the religious lifestyle and history of Cabo from the period. From crafts to artwork and souvenirs, the town center has dozens of little cafes and shops to enjoy. You may even witness a couple begin a new journey in life with a wedding proposal.

2. Visit the Sacristia Art and History Museum

After viewing the mission in the center of town, then you may want to stop at the Sacrista Art and History Museum. The building houses exotic and unique artwork including handmade items using wool. All of the artwork is authentic Mexican creations including the pottery and paintings.

3. Get drinks at the Cabo Wabo Cantina

A night at Cabo Wabo may treat you to a visit from the co-owner himself, Mr. Sammy Hagar. In 1994, he took over management of the famous cantina. This destination has been showcased on MTV, VH1, the Travel Channel and the likes of many travel shows. It is named one of the Top Ten places to party across the entire globe.

4. Relax at Lover’s Beach

No trip to Mexico is complete without a stop at Playa del Amor Beach. This beach also happens to be #1 on our list of “Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas.” This famous beach, located near the famous “Arch of Cabo san Lucas“, offers stunning views of the Land’s End outcrops. There are no admission fees, but U.S. News says that staying away from the Pacific side of the beach is highly recommended because of drowning risk and rip tides.

5. Eat at the “Drunken Sailor”

From green ceviche to shrimp enchiladas and taco chinos, there are dozens of exciting and fresh menu items to sample during your visit to buy a home in the diverse community. This cozy destination uses the morning’s fresh catch to serve up unique dishes and classic favorites. The hibiscus lemonade is something that the locals say every guest should have with a meal at the Drunken Sailor.

6. Try for par at the Palmilla Golf Club

This Signature Jack Nicklaus golf course in Cabo was the first one designed in the country. It has 27 stunning holes to play. Every hole on the course affords players spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. Outings, snacks at the on-site clubhouse, and a golf shop await your visit as a group or a party looking to secure real estate in the area.

7. Enjoy nature at Estero San José

This bird sanctuary will take your mind off of all the stress of how to sell a home somewhere else to move to San Jose del Cabo. Visit in June to see the sea lions. You can also book a horseback riding excursion through the nature reserve. Wading birds, deer, and even wild horses are a few of the animals you might discover during your time at the San Jose Estuary.

8. Experience art in the Gallery District

You can continue your cultural experience by finishing off any day at the Gallery District. The community closes Obregon Road on Thursdays between November and June to have an art walk.

This event draws in huge crowds of guests that want to sample wine and stroll through the galleries in the town center which is why the road gets closed. The opportunity to see one of the local artist’s is a huge draw for attendees.

9. Enjoy the food options at El Merkado

From organic produce to artisan delicacies, you can find dozens of food options at El Merkado. Live music is a typical sound of the venue. You may hear traditional Mexican singing one trip, and the next you could be privy to a Beatles tribute.

Sunday brunch and all you can eat buffets are two of the most popular food events at El Merkado. The meal bar is open every day of the week, so there is something new to taste each time you stroll through the streets of San Jose del Cabo.

10. Visit Flora Farms

Flora Farms, established for several years, continuously evolves and expands its offerings. Nestled at the end of a rugged sandy road near San Jose del Cabo, this sprawling 25-acre organic farm cultivates a diverse array of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Additionally, Flora Farms boasts an on-site field kitchen and a farm-to-table restaurant.

To fully savor the Flora Farms experience, consider embarking on a complimentary guided farm tour, followed by a delightful lunch. Their dinner options are equally impressive. You can indulge in dishes like lemon chicken, zucchini and fresh herb pasta, wood-oven pizza, or an organic salad with homemade burrata cheese.

11. Hike up the Pedregal

The rocky mountain behind Cabo San Luis is Pedregal. It means “rocky ground” and is home to multi-million dollar luxury villas. The steep switchbacks in Pedregal are a great way to get a cardio workout outdoors.

This walk also offers some amazing views. You can see the Marina on one side and the Pacific Ocean from the top. From town, you can walk along Lazaro Cardenas west and then cross Miguel Hidalgo.

To enter the gated community of Pedregal, you must pass through a security guard and gate. Soon after, the road begins to climb. Your goal is to reach the white round observatory.

12. Party at El Squid Roe

If you haven’t been to El Squid Roe, then you haven’t truly experienced Cabo. The three-story club is a whirlwind of energy, with neon lights flashing and dance cages.

The crowds are surrounded by servers with tequila tanks, while revelers watch from the railings as dudes and divas dance on the floor below.

El Squid Roe serves meals throughout the day. Try the guacamole that is made right at your table. But the real party begins after 11:00pm.

13. Explore Todos Santos

Todos Santos is one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos , or “magic cities.” Todos can be reached by day trip from Cabo San Luis .

Sugar mills, which once supported colonial-style buildings in the town during the 19th century, are no longer there. The surrounding green oasis with its palm groves, fertile land for papayas, mangos, and avocados remains.

Since the mid-1980s, when the paved road from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos arrived, American artists set up to paint in this idyllic and quaint town. You can now reach Todos in just an hour from Cabo thanks to a recent highway upgrade.

Browse art galleries, jewelry shops and craft studios, which are scattered among cute cafes and courtyard gardens. You can also pick up a pair of handcrafted silver earrings, a bronze sculpture or an oil painting.

14. Scuba dive in Cabo Pulmo

Scuba diving is a great option if you are still wondering what activities to do in Los Cabos. Scuba diving in Cabo is available at several different locations. Cabo Pulmo, however, may be the best dive site around.

Cabo’s warm waters and clear visibility are best in October and November. On land, the weather is warm and pleasant for all other activities.

What can you expect to see when diving in Cabo Pulmo? The likelihood of sharks is high.

It’s common to see bull sharks and tiger sharks! Other common sightings include moray eels and sea turtles, as well as porkfish, octopus and moray.

15. Snorkel at Santa Maria Bay

Bookended by towering rocks, this sheltered cove is a popular tourist hotspot. Santa Maria Bay is considered one of Cabo’s three best snorkeling spots. You might even see whales!

A popular way to get there is on a snorkeling boat tour. Some boats are very luxurious and even offer lunch and cocktails. Kayaking is also a popular activity at Santa Maria.

Santa Maria Beach is quieter if you arrive early in the morning. So get there in the am if you like peace and tranquility.

Final Thoughts

Many people say that Cabo San Lucas real estate is where tourists are looking to buy and where someone is trying to sell you a souvenir. And the nightclubs are hopping all night long with plenty to do. And of course, the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas are at your fingertips during the day. San Jose del Cabo is the older of the two areas by more than 200 years, so the community has a deep history and culture like nowhere else you visit in Mexico.

You can experience everything that the area has to offer without the rush of vacationers stopping up the destinations you want to enjoy at your pace. If you are looking to buy a home in San Jose Del Cabo contact your local Realtor for more information.

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