Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

The Sumptuous Elegance of Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

There are a multitude of reasons why someone would want to escape into the delux environment of Cabo San Lucas. The air is fresh, the sun shines bright, and it’s an overall uplifting environment. Expect friendly people at this locale that was once a simple fishing village.

Benefits of Living In Cabo

Partake in fresh organic foods from Flora Farms. Take a cooking class, Plein Air art class, or enjoy a tour of the farm. Residents enjoy priority at harvesting time. Plus, Flora Farms offers a hot tub and pool for the community.

Tours are available such as mountain bike tours and hiking trail tours. Flora Farms is also home to an exclusive spa with offerings such as massage, yoga, and pilates. The farm also has a private beach club just in front of the ocean.

Every Saturday from October to July, there is a special event held in Cabo highlighting local artists. On the weekend the marina fills with performers, artists, and musicians. The event is known as Circuito Cultural of Cabo San Lucas. This special event is mainly enjoyed by the residents with real estate in the area.

Catch entertainment around the infamous stages of Cabo Wabo, dance at El Squid Roe, and watch nature in a glass-bottomed panga. Arguably, the most popular natural formation in Cabo is El Arco or The Arch.

Many of the landmarks in this area are created from natural structures. Land’s End is one of the most famous landmarks of Cabo, located in the far south of the Baja peninsula. You might see a whale or sea lion when exploring this area.

Unique Real Estate Features

The local architecture is something beautiful to behold. View the mesmerizing construction of the Church of San Lucas Iglesia de San Lucas. There are other notable landmarks such as the 150-year-old, pink-hued Casa de la Cultura and El Faro Viejo. The former is an old lighthouse, and the latter is an eclectic creative outlet for the Del Rio community.

You deserve to live in something that you love. Therefore, adjustments can be made to the property. There are architects and building designers available to coordinate the look of your home. The real estate in Cabo San Lucas are luxury, handcrafted outbuildings with uncommon details. These include straw bale walls, door frames, and windows made from raw steel.

It’s essential to view model homes while they are available. There are some fantastic properties in Cabo San Lucas but some of them are not open to the general public, and you’ll need to receive a private invitation to purchase. This is an area where your Realtor can help you.

When it comes to properties in Cabo, expect to see portico terraces, beautiful sunrises, and equally gorgeous sunset views. Want to look at the ocean from the cliffs? There are magnificent hilltop homes available giving you a grand 360-degree view of the ocean all around you. If you prefer the beach, assistance is available to choose the parcel of land that will best suit your desires.

If you’re considering purchasing real estate in this area, it benefits you to have someone on your side who is well-versed in government, state, and township laws. A Realtor will be able to guide you on all of the processes involved in getting your new home. This individual will have access to all of the details that will help assist in your property search.

Pre-Columbian and Colonial architecture dramatically inspires architecture in Mexico. While there are many traditional homes, there are a multitude of modern-style homes with clean lines and top-of-the-line features. Quality architects that build in Mexico are familiar with the genuine spirit of Mexico. Rather than giving you a “staged” feeling, you’ll get an authentic Mexican experience.

One of a kind Amenities

Some amenities are unique to Cabo. Sunbathe on the shore of Playa del Amor. Ride an ATV along the beach or go deep sea fishing. Go swimming in the coral reefs of the Sea of Cortez. Cabo San Lucas contains homes made by builders such as MarCor Masters and Zoe Custom Builders.

Catch entertainment around the infamous stages of Cabo Wabo, dance at El Squid Roe, and watch nature in a glass-bottomed panga. Arguably, the most popular natural formation in Cabo is El Arco or The Arch.

Even in the rare case that you don’t see a property that you are in love with, it can be built. There are some quality, high caliber home builders that can design the house of your dreams.

Whether you want to buy a home or sell a home, a local Realtor will help you find what you’re looking for. No matter how you like to unwind, your personal property needs can be met in Cabo.

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